Robotic Sanding: Consistency through automation.

  • Sanding has always required a keen eye and attention to detail. Until recently, that meant an experienced operator running the orbital sander. Through the emergence of compliance and force control technologies, robotic sanding can now deliver the finesse required in modern sanding operations.

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Quality and Consistency, Cleaner for Operators, Long-term Cost Savings
Robotic Sanding

What are the advantages of robotic sanding?

Industrial manufacturers choose to automate for a variety of reasons, including market competition and labor shortages. But why automate a sanding process? Robotic sanding offers numerous benefits that help keep companies moving forward in their industries:

  • More Consistent Surface Finishes

    Thanks to advances in compliance technologies, a robotic orbital sander can apply consistent force on the substrate with the abrasive disc. This helps ensure a consistent surface finish on your sanded parts — whether the next step is painting or adhesion.

  • Reduced Dust for Operators

    Traditionally, sanding is a dusty, messy job that many operators would prefer not to do. Implementing an automated sanding solution allows those operators to focus on other tasks while the robot carries out the sanding step.

  • Long-term Cost Savings

    While the upfront costs of implementing automation can be significant, the gains made in productivity and consistency can help ensure that the investment pays for itself.

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    Automation Simplified: Robotic Sanding System

    Robotic sanding implementation just got a lot easier. 3M and ATI Industrial Automation have teamed up to deliver a new sanding system, ready to mount to your industrial robot or cobot.

    The system comes packaged with everything you need to get started, including an AOV-10 Axially Controlled Compliant Orbital Sander, a curated starter pack of 3M Abrasives and expert support.

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    Case Study: Customer Achieves 68% Faster Sanding Through Automation.

    Manufacturers across the industrial landscape have already begun realizing the benefits of automated sanding. An Italian manufacturer of buses worked with 3M and Roboticom to automate their surface finishing process and achieved a 68% faster process with 5X fewer sanding discs used per part.

    Download the case study to learn more about their automation journey.

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3M Proof of Concept Program

Send us your parts and our abrasives experts can perform feasibility testing in one of our robotics labs to see if automated sanding is right for you.

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Try our robotics ROI calculator.

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