Automated weld grinding, simplified.

Have you considered automating your weld grinding operations? With ready2_grind, the automation process just got easier. 3M and KUKA have collaborated to develop ready2_grind: A preconfigured robot system designed to reduce the uncertainty and time associated with automating weld grinding applications.

ready2_grind robot grinding a weld
Introducing KUKA ready2_grind

A preconfigured robotic weld grinding system, powered by 3M.



With ready2_grind, you’re ready to go.

The ready2_grind system comes packaged with everything you need to get started and realize the benefits of automated weld grinding – including hardware, software and application support from 3M and KUKA. Ideal for grinding butt welds and corner welds, ready2_grind can help you boost productivity while increasing part consistency. Here is what’s included:

  • ready2_grind robot grinding a weld
    KUKA KR60 Robot

    The backbone of the ready2_grind system is the KUKA KR60 robot and controller. This versatile 6-axis industrial robot has a medium load capacity and a footprint optimized for plant efficiency.

  • 3M Active Compliant Tool and abrasive disc
    3M™ Active Compliant Tool

    Force control is key to successful robotic weld grinding. Your purchase of the ready2_grind system includes a 3M Active Compliant Tool and 3M Servo Rotary Tool to control speed and pressure for optimal abrasive performance.

  • 3M fiber disc grinding a weld
    3M Abrasives Starter Pack

    This system comes with a pack of 3M abrasives to get you started. With four starter packs to choose from, you’ll get the right discs and accessories for your newly automated grinding process.

  • 3M application engineer programming a robot
    Application Engineering Support

    Along with the robot and accessories, the ready2_grind system includes two days of support from 3M application engineers for proof of concept and abrasive process recommendation.

Learn more about the KUKA ready2_grind system.

Download the KUKA ready2_grind brochure to learn more about the system and all of the included components. Learn more about the complete KUKA ready2_use series here.

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