3M Personal Safety at NSC 2015

Join us September 28-30 in Atlanta, GA to experience the breadth of 3M and Capital Safety PPE and Solutions

NSC Expo

National Safety Council Congress and Expo Dates and Location: September 28-30

NSC Show Floor Plan

Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, GA
3M Booth Number 2319
Capital Safety Education Booth Number 2670
Capital Safety Booth Number 2439


  • 3M™ and Capital Safety, two world industry leaders in personal protective equipment, are now partnered and are here to meet with you, discuss our products, and answer any questions you may have. This year we’re featuring exciting new products as well as a wealth of information from 3M™ presenters and seminars.

    Also look for our Safety Roadshow, a 48-foot fully equipped mobile training center geared to immerse you in 3M’s industrial expertise and Personal Protective Equipment with in-person safety training, education and demonstrations. Don’t forget to play the Passport Game and win an exclusive travel gift card valued at $1000!

    Check out these new and featured products by 3M and Capital Safety launching at NSC. More details are featured below.

    - 3M™ Speedglas™ Auto-Darkening Filter Kit 9100XXi
    - 3M™ Solus 1000 and Goggle Gear 500 Series Protective Eyewear with Scotchgard™ Anti-fog Coating
    - 3M™ Organic Vapor Service Life Indicator Cartridges 6000i Series
    - DBI-SALA® Exofit STRATA™
    - DBI-SALA® Self+RSQ™
    - 3M™ Active Safety
    - 3M™ Versaflo™ TR-600 Respiratory System
    - 3M™ E-A-Rfit™ Dual Ear Validation System
    - ​3M™ One Touch™ Pro Earplug Dispenser

Event Details

Schedule, logistics and contact information

Booth Information

3M is located at booth 2319 and our new fall protection partner, Capital Safety is located at booth 2439. The Capital Safety Education booth is located at 2670

Floor Plan

  • What’s Your Rescue Plan?

    A focused discussion surrounding the daunting subject of rescue from work at heights. We will discuss some basic questions and provide some basic suggestions: self-rescue is the best form of rescue.

    Presented by Chris Coyle
    3M Booth 2319
    11:15am Mon 9/28
    11:15am Tues 9/29
    11:15am Wed 9/30
  • The most comfortable, lightest-wearing, truly innovative safety harness ever created. If your safety harness is weighing you down, Lighten Up.

    Presented by Tim Thompson
    3M Booth 2319
    11:00am Mon 9/28
    11:00am Tues 9/29
    11:00am Wed 9/30
  • This seminar covering metalworking hazards technical solutions provides information about health and safety hazards affecting those that work with metal. With recent regulatory changes, we aim to increase awareness surrounding concerns with exposures to hazards such as Manganese, HexChrome and Silica.Topics covered include:

    • Regulation & Standards Summary
    • Arc Radiation Hazards
    • Respiratory Hazards & Protection
    • Noise Hazards
    • Engineering Controls
    • Heat Stress Hazards
    • Confined Space & Fall Protection
    • Head, Eye & Face Impacts
    • Impact of Safety on Productivity
    • Ergonomics

      • Presented by Erik Johnson
        3M Booth 2319
        12:00pm Mon 9/28
  • What is your favorite sound? Chances are, it is not tinnitus —an annoying ringing or buzzing sound is commonly caused by damage to the ears due to overexposure to loud sounds. With the proper precautions, noise induced hearing loss is 100% preventable. This approximately 45 minute presentation on hearing loss prevention provides information about the following topics:

    • How Hearing Loss Can Affect Your Quality of Life
    • The Health Effects Associated with Loud Noises
    • How Loud is Too Loud?
    • Amount & Causes of Hearing Loss
    • Prevention: Reducing the Noise at the Source
    • Choosing Hearing Protection: Earplugs and Earmuffs
    • Proper Fit of Earplugs

      • Presented by Jason Jones and Jorge Alonso
        3M Booth 2319
        1:00pm Mon 9/28
        2:00pm Tues 9/29
  • Safety is one of the last functions in many organizations to adopt digital technology. We’ll share with you why 3M believes digital science could enable more proactive safety cultures, and give new visibility to the ROI of the safety function.

    Presented by Hugh Murphy
    3M Booth 2319
    2:00pm Mon 9/28
    1:00pm Tues 9/29
  • Many myths about visibility still persist. Test your knowledge of visibility and reflectivity with one of our Scotchlite™ technical specialists. This technical seminar provides information about the following topics:

    • Why is enhanced visibility important?
    • Technology behind 3M reflective material
    • Garment design and effectiveness
    • Regulations
    • Debunking the 5 Myths

      • Presented by Shari Franklin-Smith
        3M Booth 2319
        2:30pm Mon 9/28
  • In many workplaces, respiratory hazards need to be considered. This approximately 45 minute presentation on respiratory protection starts with the basics and provides information about the following topics:

    • Overview of respiratory hazards
    • Review of the types and styles of respirator protection
    • Elements of a written respiratory protection program
    • Basic factors in choosing a respirator
    • Overview of the regulations for respiratory protection approval and use
    • Care and storage of respirators
    • Voluntary Use

      • Presented by Dave Stein
        3M Booth 2319
        3:15pm Mon 9/28
  • The dangers of working at height are clear, and fall protection is a crucial component of safety in this kind of work environment.

    OSHA agrees - Fall Protection was the most frequently cited violation in 2013. This technical presentation provides information on the following topics:

    • Recognizing OSHA enforceable fall hazards
    • ABC’s of Active Fall Protection
    • Lifeline Systems, Rescue at Heights & Confined Space

      • Presented by Chad Miller
        3M Booth 2319
        12:00pm Tues 9/29
  • Are your workers at risk of an eye injury? The good news is, up to 90% of eye injuries are preventable. This technical seminar covering eye injury prevention provides information about the following topics:

    • Eye Injury Realities – Statistics reveal the challenge of preventing eye injuries
    • Elements of an Eye and Face Protection Program
    • Overview of Task Based Hazard Analysis
    • Fitting Safety Eyewear – How and Why
    • Incorporating Prescription Wearers into an Eye Protection Program
    • Eye Protection Interaction with other PPE
    • Beyond the Glass – A Look at Other Eye Protection Options

      • Presented by Karen Cuta
        3M Booth 2319
        3:00pm Tues 9/29

Contact 3M about Event

You can call 3M Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM CST (Central Standard Time) at 1-800-328-1667. You may also contact us via email using the contact form, and we will respond within 24 hours.


New and Featured Products by 3M and Capital Safety

View all 3M Personal Safety Products
  • Filter Kit
    3M™ Speedglas™ Auto-Darkening Filter Kit 9100XXi

    Offers greater control of the weld puddle with a view that appears lighter, brighter, and more realistic, as well as fast switching between welding and grinding with the touch of a button, and quick access to one of your two preset welding modes.

    Learn More

  • Protective Eyewear
    3M™ Solus 1000 and Google Gear 500 Series Protective Eyewear with Scotchgard™ Anti-fog Coating

    Features removable temples, soft nose bridge, optional elastic strap, and more! Now with Scotchgard anti-fog coatings, helping to increase eyewear performance in wet and steamy environments.

    Learn More

  • Organic Vapor
    3M™ Organic Vapor Service Life Indicator Cartridges 6000i Series

    Can provide a simple, visual tool that can help users determine when to change their cartridges and provide confidence in protection. It’s designed to indicate service life based on individual exposure and respiratory use patterns, allowing the user to optimize cartridge use for their specific needs.

    Learn More

  • Exofit
    Exofit Strata: DBI-SALA® Exofit STRATA™

    The first full-body safety harness designed and tested with data-driven, third party research featuring a first-of-its kind LIFTech™ Load Distribution System takes the weight off workers’ shoulders resulting in a harness that is more comfortable and is cooler and lighter to wear,


  • RSQ
    Capital Safety RSQ: DBI SALA® Self+RSQ™

    Easily connects to your current safety harness, providing a fast, effective method of escape from suspension while putting fewer rescuers at risk. Features a patent-pending WZ-Link™ d-ring to simplify connection, a secondary rescue ring for assisted rescue, and a sealed, padded package to protect the descent device from damage during use.

    Learn More!

  • Active Safety
    3M™ Active Safety

    When workers and their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are connected, you can focus on people, not paper. It’s time for Active Safety that’s more personal.

    Learn More

  • Versaflo
    3M™ Versaflo™ TR-600 Respiratory System

    The 3M™ Versaflo™ TR-600 Series Powered Air Purifying Respirators provide durable protection, even in harsh environments. Designed to e compatible with multiple configurations of head tops, breathing tubes, batteries, filters, cartridges and more. With a user-friendly design with intuitive, colored interactive touch points and visual, vibratory and audible low-flow and low-battery indicators.


    Request an On-site Demonstration

  • Dual Ear
    3M™ E-A-Rfit™ Dual-Ear Validation System

    Get results you can trust. The E-A-Rfit Dual-Ear Validation System measures the effectiveness of the hearing protection from inside the employee’s ear, providing accurate, quantitative results. And because you can simultaneously test both ears, you’ll have more time to educate employees on the importance of fit and compliance.

    Learn More

  • One Touch
    3M™ One Touch™ Pro Earplug Dispenser

    Conveniently provide hearing protection where employees need it. The 3M™ Pro Earplug Dispenser dispenses one earplug at a time with a simple twist. No more expense and waste of individually wrapped plugs. Made from ABS plastic with a powder-coated steel-back plate, it’s designed for challenging environments – indoors and outdoors.

    Learn More

Learn from 3M and Capital Safety Experts

Download Seminar Schedule (PDF, 95.44 KB)
  • Tim T
    Tim Thompson

    Capital Safety Soft Goods Product Manager

    Presenting: New Product: Exofit STRATA™
    11:00am Mon 9/28
    11:00am Tues 9/29
    11:00am Wed 9/30

  • Chris C
    Chris Coyle

    Capital Safety Self-Retracting Lifelines and Rescue Systems Product Manager

    Presenting: What’s Your Rescue Plan?
    11:15am Mon 9/28
    11:15am Tues 9/29
    11:15am Wed 9/30

  • Joe H
    Joe Hockett

    3M Head and Face Marketing Manager

    Presenting: 3M Welding: Speedglas™ 9100XXi
    10:00am Mon 9/28
    10:00am Tues 9/29
    10:00am Wed 9/30

  • Javiera T
    Javiera Troncoso

    3M Head, Eye, Face and Welding Protection Marketing Manager

    Presenting: 3M Solus 1000 and Goggle Gear 500 with Scotchgard™ Anti-Fog Technology
    10:00am Mon 9/28
    10:00am Tues 9/29
    10:00am Wed 9/30

  • Kevin N
    Kevin Newman

    3M Reusable Respirators Marketing Manager

    Presenting: 3M™ Organic Vapor Cartridge with Service Life Indicators for 6000i Series
    10:00am Mon 9/28
    10:00am Tues 9/29
    10:00am Wed 9/30

  • Erik J
    Erik Johnson

    3M Technical Service, CIH

    Presenting: Metalworking Hazards: Injuries Are Everywhere. Information and Solutions to Protect Your Workers.
    12:00pm Mon 9/28

  • Jason J
    Jason Jones

    3M Hearing Protection Products Marketing Manager

    Presenting: Listen Up: Hearing Loss is Preventable. Hearing Conservation Through Motivation.
    1:00pm Mon 9/28
    2:00pm Tues 9/29

  • Jorge A
    Jorge Alonso

    3M Hearing and Detection Specialist

    Presenting: Listen Up: Hearing Loss is Preventable. Hearing Conservation Through Motivation.
    1:00pm Mon 9/28
    2:00pm Tues 9/29

  • Hugh M
    Hugh Murphy

    3M Active Safety Business Development Manager

    Presenting: Digital Science in Safety
    2:00pm Mon 9/28
    1:00pm Tues 9/29

  • Shari FS
    Shari Franklin-Smith

    3M Technical Service Manager

    Presenting: Five Myths of Reflectively
    2:30pm Mon 9/28

  • Dave S
    Dave Stein

    3M Technical Service Specialist, CIH

    Presenting: Introduction to Respiratory Protection
    3:15pm Mon 9/28

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