Three unexpected upgrades to your facility that enhance confidence

Entrance of a building lobby featuring a floor matting system to trap dirt and moisture from outside..

Commercial facility cleaning and security go hand in hand. That’s especially true in today’s environment – to patrons, a clean environment is a confident environment. But facilities can also help enhance safety in ways they don’t necessarily notice. Here are a few.

  • Floor matting

    If floors are cleaned and/or polished to a shine (or even if they’re not) they may present a risk for slips and falls. Putting down mats can help, especially in high-traffic areas where people may be moving in multiple directions. The surface of a good mat will be textured with rough, grainy pattern to provide a high coefficient of friction – that is, it provides traction, keeping footwear from moving laterally in any direction and helping prevent slippage.

  • Floor mats can feature solid surfaces on top of cushioned material such as coiled vinyl to help reduce fatigue for staff who must stand in one area for long periods of time. Or, the textured surface may be available without the underside in a tape format for application in specific areas.

    Always look for anti-slip floor mats traction-certified by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI).

  • A close-up view of a crowbar hitting a window, causing it to crack but not shatter due to the security film

    Films for broken windows

    While patrons and staff don’t usually regard windows as a source of danger, facility managers must consider the hazards of broken glass. 3M™ Safety & Security Window Films and 3M™ Impact Protection Attachment Systems are designed to be used together to fortify your windows to help increase glass retention. 3M has clear, tear resistant films that are designed to hold broken glass in place and help prevent flying shards of glass.

    Durable, clear Safety & Security window films are a great solution. They are designed to hold the glass in place when it breaks, helping to prevent pieces from falling or flying. Typically made from materials such as polyester, they are generally applied to the glass with a clear adhesive. Broken glass stays attached to the film, helping to protect occupants.

  • An individual holding a single sheet of window film preparing to apply it onto a window surface.


    Some window films are designed specifically for security. Many films designed for retaining glass fragments have only a single layer. Security window films have multiple layers that are extremely resistant to tearing. By helping to hold broken glass in place, these window films can act as a deterrent and help provide precious extra response time by slowing the intruder down.

    For the strongest protection, some window film companies offer additional adhesives or frame profiles that anchor the filmed window to the window frame. These solutions can keep broken glass inside the frame even in the event of forced entry, earthquakes or bomb blasts.

  • A man standing and looking out of a window with a light control film installed.

    Films for interior protection

    Films can also be used for light control inside the facility by blocking certain parts of the light spectrum. When the sun comes in through a window, it brings with it much more than just visible light. It also carries ultraviolet and infrared light, which are not visible. Infrared (IR) light makes up a significant portion of the light spectrum, and arrives as heat. Ultraviolet (UV) is absorbed by furnishings and other objects within the facility and radiate as heat. To say nothing of the cooling costs this can involve, this heat can become uncomfortable for the occupants over time.

    Ultraviolet light can also quickly fade cloth dyes, paint on walls and artwork, stains used on wood and other materials, especially in an environmentally-conscious era where water based colorings are increasingly used over solvent-based.

    Window films are available to specifically block of UV and IR light, with no significant loss of visible light which makes the environment desirable. These films can also cut down on reflectivity.

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  • A total film solution

    Facility managers can also find window films with security, fragment retention and sun control combined into one film solution, so there’s no need for using multiple films in different parts of the facility.

    3M provides a range of options in slip-resistant floor mats and window films to complement a comprehensive facility safety plan. Contact 3M for questions or to schedule a facility audit.